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About Us

Auto Glass Hamilton Repair & Replacement is highly recognized in the Hamilton Ontario region for providing exceptional customer service. In addition to our wide variety of services, our certified technicians specialize in everything related to auto glass, including rock chip repair, windshield repair or replacement, and repair of any side door or rear glass.

Our company focuses on providing customers high quality service, informing you of all the steps throughout the process. Our company is committed to professional windshield repair or replacement within Hamilton Ontario for any type of truck, car, van, or recreational vehicle.

Hamilton Auto Glass certified technicians can repair minor chips to the windshield before they become dangerous cracks. What if the windshield is already cracked? Our specialists can fix cracks too. If we determine the crack is too dangerous for repair, we will do a full windshield replacement.

Regardless if the glass has a ding, chip, crack along the edge, or any other fracture to the windshield, the expert technicians at Hamilton Auto Glass can easily make the repair. Once our team members arrive at your location to inspect the damage, we will consult with you and explain the repair process that needs to be implemented. Our promise to you from Hamilton Auto Glass is if the windshield can be repaired, we will make every effort to do so.

The reason we work to make the repair is because it is far less costly to the customer. If your windshield was damaged do to vandalism, let our experts consult with the insurance company on your behalf. Once the windshield has been repaired, rest assured with our unbreakable 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The time to call one of our Hamilton Auto Glass experts is when you first notice that small chip or ding. When our technicians can access the damage at this stage, we can easily make the repair and stop the damage from spreading into a crack that will block your vision while driving. If the damage is still small, in most cases we can easily make that repair.

The size and location of the damage always play a key role in how we make the repair. The damage near the edge of the windshield is much more likely to spread across the glass. This will result in the integrity of the windshield being compromised, resulting in a replacement as soon as possible.

If our Hamilton Auto Glass technicians determine the windshield is beyond repair, we provide you the lowest pricing on a new installation.

Hamilton Auto Glass will:  

Offer a 100% guarantee against any and all manufacturing defects
Utilize only high quality and tested materials
Guarantee the new windshield of all leaks
Replace the windshield according to the manufacturer safety standard.

At Hamilton Auto Glass, we promise our highly trained technicians will replace the windshield in a timely manner. The materials used are certified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and of the highest quality.

We understand that the cost to have a windshield replaced can be costly. At Hamilton Auto Glass, we are committed to providing our customers the absolute lowest pricing in the Hamilton Ontario region. We will keep you informed throughout the entire installation process and provide you the highest quality workmanship and customer service in the windshield repair and replacement.

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