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Auto Glass Hamilton glass repair and replacement is well known for all our services and high level of customer satisfaction. We specialize in all things auto glass, including windshield repair and replacement, rock chip repairs, and replacing any window with every glass option available.

We give you all of the available options, and allow you to specify exactly what you want. We specialize in windshield repair and replacement services in Hamilton for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles. We’ll fix and restore minor rock chips before they turn into unsightly cracks. 

Your windshield’s already cracked? We can repair that too. Beyond repair? Then we’ll replace it. Whether it’s a chip, ding, edge crack or any other kind of windshield fracture, the qualified technicians at Auto Glass Hamilton can fix it! Depending on the severity of the damage, our technician will consult with you if your windshield needs replacement for a new one.

We guarantee at Auto Glass Hamilton that if it can be fixed we will do it. Windshield repair, is less expensive, and Auto Glass Hamilton can help you with the insurance benefits. Plus, auto glass repair is reinforced by the unbreakable warranty. With our auto glass repair services you can stop your windshield chip or auto glass crack from spreading further and damaging your windshield beyond repair.

We can repair most of the auto glass chips and windshield cracks that we inspect.


Making certain that the windshield in your vehicle is functioning properly is our top priority. The windshield plays a very important role in ensuring the safety of the passengers inside the vehicle.

At Auto Glass Repair Hamilton Located in Hamilton, Ontario, our windshield technicians will take great care in repairing any damage to your windshield before replacing it as a last resort.

Those dings and cracks in the windshield are in fact easily repaired when you work with a professional windshield specialist. More…


Depending on the size of the chip or crack to the windshield, most of these types of issues can be repaired by our technicians. The sooner that you bring your vehicle to us, the better chance you can save yourself the money of a replacement. Each time you drive the vehicle you run the risk of increasing that damage to the point it can no longer be repaired.

There is no reason to continue to drive your vehicle with cracks in the windshield. These small chips and cracks can easily spread across your field of vision when the car hits on bump in the road. These chips and cracks then become more dangerous because you run the risk of the glass breaking completely. More…


We offer the highest quality repair and replacement service when it comes to mobile autoglass in all of Hamilton Ontario. We do more than just repair chipped and cracked windshields.

Our certified glass technicians have decades experience in repairing damage to back glass, side windows, and windshields. Each member of our staff will gladly walk you through the entire repair process

Our goal is to ensure that any repair or replacement to the glass in the vehicle is done in a timely manner. Our mobile technicians strive to provide all our clients the best when it comes to repairing the damage that is convenient for you. More…


When it comes to insurance claims, our company has assisted hundreds of local customers handling those claims. If your vehicle has been involved in vandalism or the glass has experienced damage while driving, we can help when it comes to working with your insurance company. Before you make your claim, our Auto Glass Repair Hamilton experts can inspect the damage and advise you on the proper way to call your insurance company or we can deal with them directly for you.

Many insurance policies cover the additional costs needed to repair a windshield. While each insurance company is different, many times the deductible is far more expensive than the repair itself. Because our prices are so low, our technicians will help you to find the best financial solution that fits your needs. More…


In addition to providing the absolute best customer service in this industry, Auto Glass Repair Hamilton will make those repairs right the first time. Our workmanship can not be matched, that is why we provide an unbreakable glass warranty on our work.

When it comes to glass repair or replacement, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction on any work provided. More…


Regardless of the damage to your sunroof, our highly trained certified technicians can repair or replace the glass efficiently. Our team has repaired and replaced hundreds of sunroofs to local customers in this region. Where we excel compared to the competition is we take into account all the needs of our customers and accommodate them like valued customers.

Once we have inspected the damage to the sunroof, our Auto Glass Repair Hamilton specialists will advise you on the methods available to repair the problem. With minimal damage, we can often make that repair right there on the spot quickly. If the damage is beyond repair, our team members will inform you of what steps are needed to be taken to provide you 100% satisfaction.More…